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Our Calgary tutoring services include one-on-one personalized online and in-home tutoring. Our mission is to help students with all subjects and levels including high school Biology. Our qualified and dedicated Calgary tutors will work one-on-one to teach the skills and tools needed in order to succeed.

We help high school Biology students with:

  • Filling in missing concepts, and explaining them in a way that makes sense
  • Improving student’s confidence in their ability to problem solve and think critically
  • Helping students understand and improve their learning styles and habits
  • Instructing students on how to make useful Flashcards
  • Alberta Curriculum for Biology
Alberta Curriculum for high school Biology is listed.

Science 10 – Biology Topics:

  • The basics of life
  • Dynamic cells and properties of cell membrane
  • Biology from cell to organism and plants

Biology 20 Topics:

  • Energy and matter exchange in the biosphere
  • Ecosystems and population change
  • Photosynthesis and cellular respiration
  • Human systems

Biology 30 Topics:

  • Nervous and endocrine systems
  • Reproduction and development
  • Cell division, genetics and molecular biology
  • Population and community dynamics
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