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Conquer Curriculum with Our Expert Chemistry Tutors, Specializing in High School Level Courses

If you are looking for a high school Chemistry tutor, because you find Chem 30 or Chem 20, even Chem 10 challenging, our qualified and dedicated Calgary tutors will teach you the essential skills needed to succeed in any chemistry course.

One-on-one in-home or online tutoring allows students to receive the full attention of YYC tutors. Knowing each student has a different learning style, we accommodate needs appropriately. Our tutoring services are more than mentoring and building student’s confidence. By matching our teaching style to students’ learning style, our total learning process will help students effectively fill in the fundamental chemistry concepts they have been missing, understanding concepts in a way that makes sense.

Chemistry is the study of structure, composition and properties of substances. Chemistry is also called “the central science???, because it bridges to other science disciplines such as biology, environmental science and physics. Our chemistry tutors will thus enhance your abilities not only in chemistry but other science subjects.

In grade 10 science, our skilled tutor will help students to understand the basics and fundamentals of chemistry. For chemistry 20 and chemistry 30, our YYC Calgary tutors will assist students in understanding the more complex concepts of chemistry.

Alberta Curriculum for High School Chemistry:

Chem 10 Topics:

  • Basic concept of chemistry
  • Different types of chemical reaction
  • How to balance chemical reactions
  • Introduce stoichiometry

Chem 20 Topics:

  • The diversity of matter and chemical bonding
  • Gases
  • Matter as solutions, acids and bases
  • Quantitative relationship in chemical changes

Chem 30 Topics:

  • Thermo chemical changes
  • Electrochemical changes
  • Chemical changes of organic compounds
  • Chemical equilibrium focusing on acid-base systems

YYC Tutoring also provides chemistry tutoring to first-year university students and to upgrade courses!

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