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Diploma Exam Prep in Calgary – YYC Tutoring

Passing exams is a skill in itself!
Sadly, stress and anxiety can cause some students, who otherwise were doing well, to fail at exams. Our diploma preparation sessions are a perfect solution for students who are writing grade 12 diploma exams and require practice and tutoring in how to take exams.

The Diploma Prep will review the entire course material in a condensed manner focusing on material on previous Alberta Diploma Exams to develop students’ confidence. Students will benefit from these 2 day sessions and increase their chance raising or maintaining a good average.
Diploma Exam Prep in Calgary
  • Practice and Repetition. Students are given the opportunity to go through many exam questions until they are thoroughly familiar with the subject matter and with the types of questions asked. All materials align with Alberta Curriculum.
  • Test-taking Skills. Part of the challenge with exams can be interpreting the questions, and deciding what the examiner is looking for. Our tutors teach the students how to analyze questions, giving them the ability to understand what is required in the answer.
  • Remedial Tutoring. Where students are unable to answer questions because they simply don’t understand the concepts, our tutors will explain the material and fill in the gaps.
  • Confidence. When the children have the opportunity to practice and experience success in a non-threatening environment, it gives them the confidence to succeed in a real exam setting.
  • Time Management. Using the above skills, students learn to pace themselves in order to complete the entire exam.
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Diploma prep classes offer for June 2016:
  • Math 30-1 on Saturday, June 18 and Sunday June 19 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Submit the completed Registration Form; a confirmation letter will be emailed
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  • Make sure you have pen, enough paper and an appropriate calculator.
  • Your instructor will provide you with all tricks and tips for writing diploma exam
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