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At YYC Tutoring, we hire instructors who are not only very knowledgeable in their area of expertise but are also highly motivated and understanding. They adapt to each student’s learning styles: while some learn best through visuals, others are kinaesthetic learners, and some benefit from audio learning.

Tutoring sessions for younger students are typically one hour in length (elementary and junior high school), or one and a half hours in length for older students (high school and secondary students).

Yes, we can ask the tutor to contact you and you can discuss your needs and expectations with him/her over the phone.

If you are not satisfied and you feel there is no chemistry between the tutor and student, you can contact us immediately and we will assign you another tutor assuming one is available.

We are keen on hiring tutors that have high emotional intelligence skills and are understanding of our students’ varying academic needs and learning styles. In addition, we make sure that they:
  • Have solid knowledge of the subject material
  • Are patient and flexible
  • Have excellent communication skills, listen to their students and coach them based on students’ needs
Many of our tutors are senior university students who have strong experience in tutoring other students. Some are graduate students or teachers with experience teaching in their professional field.

YYC Tutoring handles all billing and payment. The director will meet with you and discuss all options and complete a tutoring contract application. The tutor will contact you shortly and set up the first session with you. Remember that we provide 1-on-1 at home and online tutoring to the students. If you wish to have the session in an alternate location, it can be arranged.

We always follow the Alberta Board of Education curriculum and thus we do not provide or distribute any extra non-curriculum material to the students that does not pertain to their successes directly. We do provide materials that help the students with their curriculum (i.e. practice sheet, old Diploma exam practice sheets, etc.).

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