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Easily Solve Hard Math Equations & Problems


The idea of taking on math problems often leave a bad taste on students’ mouths, regardless of what level they are on. More often than not, most students tend to get easily overwhelmed when faced with the task of dealing with hard math questions, especially those that come out in tests and final exams. Just ask them what’s their least favorite subject and a good percentage would answer “Math” without hesitation.

The thing is, understanding mathematics requires a much more different kind of discipline compared to studying for English, history, or even some aspects of science. It takes certain kinds of approach to fully getting a good grasp of how to deal with hard math problems. It’s definitely difficult, but it’s not at all impossible to enjoy answering hard math word problems and coming up with the corresponding solutions and answers easily–so long as you know the tips and tricks behind it.

Active Participation In Learning

You can’t simply sit in class and watch how teachers or other people solve hard math problems and expect that you can learn it as well. Math requires an active participation in the whole learning process – from taking down notes on sample problems, guides to figuring out hard math equations, and putting in the effort to solve problems by yourself.

Students who are already experiencing difficulty in math or have math as their weakest subjects should really try their best to bring their 100% particularly during math class. A teacher can only do so much in showing how it’s done and without active participation from the student, hard math problems will remain just that, which is hard.


It’s not enough to just memorize the equation and expect to hit the right answer. Solving hard math problems and answers isn’t done by just remembering the exact formula used for a certain word problem and applying it onto another. It’s about understanding how to use the formula with a certain problem that calls for it. Analyzing the principles behind these formulas can help in recognizing patterns for when a specific formula and manner of solving is required.

For example, hardproblems in math for 8th graders comprise of algebraic formulas. It’s pretty easy to memorize that ‘x + y = z’ but if you can’t identify the functions in a word problem in the first place, then the formula becomes worthless. Even more so, if a word problem requires several steps before you even get to deducing the values behind x, y, and z.

Math Requires Cumulative Knowledge

Math necessitates a progressive method of learning. What is being taught at a certain level builds on what has already been established in the previous grade levels. It certainly isn’t like taking on calculus when you haven’t even touched upon algebra and trigonometry just yet.

The key principles you have learned will be the basis on which new knowledge will be built on. This is why it’s very important to not just memorize the formulas and equations but have a deeper understanding of the rationale and system behind it. These systems and principles are what students will bring on as they level up from 8th grade algebra to hard math problems for 9th graders.

Is It Time to Seek Out Help & Guidance?

Given these key ideas on how students can better solve hard math problems and figure out equations and answers, most of them may find it hard to just get all the guidance they need from one teacher or professor alone.

If you are looking for “Math Help” then our specialized one-on-one math tutoring service can help in improving your capability as a student to get a much better grasp on answering mathematical problems with ease.

These private and focused sessions will make it easier for students to seek out difficult problems and mathematical concepts that they need further clarification on. Learning will be done on their pacing and coming to class more prepared can also make them feel more confident.

YYC Tutoring for math provides expert math tutoring for 8th and 9th grade students, as well as high school students in Calgary. We believe that confidence is key to success and developing this among students entails making sure that they’re well prepared and well versed particularly in subjects that they have most difficulty with.

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