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Elementary School Tutoring in Calgary (grade 1-6)

How to improve enthusiasm and motivation.
The early school years are fundamental to continuing school success, but sadly this is where many students fall behind. Problems encountered during these early years are often easily addressed, and we work with elementary school students by finding activities that will interest them and building a comfortable, positive learning environment. Tutoring at this stage could set your child up for success right through grade school.
Elementary School Tutoring in Calgary (grade 1-6)
Junior High School Tutoring in Calgary (grade 7-9)

Don’t let poor grades now limit your child’s opportunities.
Junior high school is a big step in any student’s life, but these middle years are crucial in setting up the experience your child will have in high school. On entering high school, students are streamed into classes according to the grades they achieved in junior high. If students are struggling now, those grades will affect their class and option choices during the crucial high school years.

Our qualified and dedicated tutors will work 1-on-1 with your child to teach the skills and critical thinking that will help them succeed. Asking questions can be particularly intimidating at this age, so personal tutoring provides a comfortable environment for students to explore and learn away from the stress of peer pressure.

Senior High School Tutoring in Calgary (grade 10-12)

Convincing students that need help can be a challenge.
The primary goal in high school is to prepare students for higher education. Your student’s grades at this stage are crucial in determining their choices and potential as they move into University. High school students need to learn how to analyze and solve problems, organize, write and communicate effectively, but these skills don’t always come easily.

YYC Tutoring will help students achieve their goals. We find that when students learn in a fun, creative environment, they find it easier to learn and retain complex concepts. Our qualified and dedicated tutors will work 1-on-1 with students, in the comfort of your own home to teach the skills and tools students need to succeed and create an environment that builds confidence and motivation.

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