Language Arts:

English and Language Arts are the foundations for all subjects. Student’s language proficiency is crucial for all other subjects, such as math, chemistry, physics and so on. It is very sad that our children speak English all day, but when it comes to English courses at school or university level, we see how challenging the English reading and writing is. Through YYC Tutoring personalized program, students will get help to achieve their goals. Our tutors will help students 1-on-1 in home tutoring in reading and writing for all levels of English and Language Arts. The main focus of YYC Tutoring services in English proficiency is helping students in writing special, sentence structure, paragraph and short story.

YYC Tutoring provides 1-on-1 in home tutoring for Elementary, Junior high or High school students in Language Art. We follow the Alberta Curriculum for English.

Social Studies:

Social studies help students to understand about their community, culture and how to place themselves in their societies as a citizen. YYC Tutoring will help students to understand these concepts from one-on-one home tutoring. We also help students with their research paper.
If you are Elementary, Junior high or High school students, YYC Tutoring Social studies program is aligned with Alberta curriculum and we help the student to understand the following concept in their own comfortable home.
Definition of social studies
Values and attitudes
Core concept s of citizenship and identity
Aboriginal perspectives and experiences
Francophone perspective and experiences
Nationalism and identity
Ideology and identity
Social participation as a Democratic place
Principles of Liberalism
Globalization and identity

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