YYC Tutoring is Expert in Physics Tutoring For High School Students

If you feel anxious, overwhelmed, confused or frustrated with Physics 20 or 30 concepts and problems then we want you to know that we are here to help. Our expert physics tutors will help students understand fundamental concepts by using different application examples and through unique learning method designed for each student. Whether it is basic concept of science 10 or complex concepts of physics 20, 30, count on our skilled physics tutors at YYC Tutoring to help you and simplify this subject once and for all. Students will learn variety of learning techniques in one-on-one home tutoring, that help them to gain the skills required to approach problems effectively and to improve their grades quickly.

Alberta Curriculum for high school Physics:

Science 10- Physics Topics:

  • Basic concept of physics
  • Improve math skilled you need for problem solving

Physics 20 Topics:

  • Kinematics
  • Dynamics
  • Circular motion, work and Energy
  • Oscillatory Motion and Mechanical Waves

Physics 30 Topics:

  • Momentum and impulse
  • Forces and Fields
  • Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Atomic Physics

YYC Tutoring also provides Physics tutoring to first year university and upgrading

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