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Understand the World Around You Through Social Studies Tutoring in Calgary

Social studies help students understand their community, culture and how to place themselves as a citizen in their societies. Our Calgary tutoring services will help students understand these concepts from one-on-one in-home or online tutoring. We also help students with their research papers.

If you are elementary, junior high or high school students, the YYC Tutoring Social studies program’s alignment with Alberta curriculum will assist you in achieving better grades. Our Calgary tutors help the student to understand the following concepts in the comfort of their own home:

  • Definition of social studies
  • Values and attitudes
  • Core concepts of citizenship and identity
  • Aboriginal perspectives and experiences
  • Francophone perspectives and experiences
  • Pluralism
  • Nationalism and identity
  • Ideology and identity
  • Social participation in a Democratic place
  • Principles of Liberalism
  • Globalization and identity
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