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Mo Kashanian
In 2009, Mo Kashanian founded YYC Tutoring, a professional 1-on-1 home tutoring service in Calgary, Alberta. YYC Tutoring team is determined to help students achieve their academic goals through personalized 1-on-1 in home tutoring and mentoring.

Mo holds two Bachelors of Science degrees - in Nursing and Chemistry and has 20 years in industry as a Research Scientist. He is a highly regarded and rated mathematics instructor at Mount Royal University since 2012. 

Always willing to help tutor fellow students, or coach nephews and nieces with their homework, Mo formerly began tutoring in 2000 on a part time basis. He saw a demand for qualified, experienced tutors specializing in Math, Chemistry and Physics to empower students through 1-on-1 in home tutoring

As a professional mathematics instructor, Mo empathizes with students who are discouraged from their academic and career goals due to difficulties with math and other subjects. Through 1-on-1 personalized in home tutoring, students’ achieve clarity and this helps build their self-confidence and discover their strengths. 

Our belief is simple: Confidence Brings Success! 

Getting started with us:
  • First step is a Free, no obligation in home consultation, to meet with students and parents. I want to know the students’ personality, their learning style and students’ academic needs. After I find students’ issues and goals, we will design a personalized program and match your child with the tutor best suited to their style and challenges.
  • Our tutors will meet students in their own home or at the library. The tutors will help students with homework or understanding the missing concept taught in school.  
  • We will reassess student’s progress after 5 sessions then we follow up with parents, students and assigned tutors. This helps parents how their child isimproving.
  • We provide flexibility. YYC tutoring will fit into your schedule. Our tutoring sessions can accommodate a busy parent or student life. 
Our Mission
Our mission is to deliver outstanding 1-on-1 in home tutoring to provide students the tools to build their self-confidence, motivation, and proper study skills necessary to succeed.

Our Team,
Tutors with YYC Tutoring align with our belief – which is Confidence Brings Success! Our team consists of teaching professionals or university graduates, tutoring within their specialized area of study. Occasionally undergraduate who excel in their courses are also part of our team. YYC Tutoring tutors are passionate about mentoring students. 

We are selective with who represents our organization and accordingly screen candidates. YYC Tutoring tutors must pass the Calgary Police Information check for employment. Tutors are individually matched with the students most suited to their style and temperament.

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