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Calgary Chemistry Tutor - Better Grades Starts Here! 

Expert Chem Tutoring For High School Chemistry Students

Calgary Chemistry Tutor - Better Grades Starts Here!
If you are looking for high school chemistry tutor because you find Chem 30, Chem 20 or even Chem 10 challenging then our qualified and dedicated tutors will teach you the essential skills needed to succeed in any science or chemistry subjects.

Chemistry is the study of structure, composition and properties of substances. Chemistry is also called “the central science”, because it bridges to other science disciplines such as biology, the environment and physics. In grade 10 science, our skilled tutors will help students to understand the basics and fundamentals of Chemistry. For grade 11 and 12 Chemistry, our skilled tutors will help high school students understand the concepts of complex Chemistry.

YYC Tutoring provides outstanding 1-on-1 in-home tutoring in high school Chemistry tutoring for all levels.
“… he made it so much easier for me”

We want you to know how much we appreciate you working with Joel. You are very sharp and up to date on chemistry, physics and math. You have an excellent approach in your instruction and through your sessions he gains confidence and understanding. Thank you for always fitting us into your busy schedule and being available for him at any time, right in the comfort of our own home! We have recommended your services to others and will continue to do so.
YYC Tutoring Calgary – Tutor Reviewed by Angela

“…knowledgeable, punctual, flexible and positive influence on kids”

Mohammad has taught my two daughters Math and Chemistry in Elementary, Jr High and High School. Mohammad is a knowledgeable, punctual, flexible and positive influence on kids. My girls and I have enjoyed working with him and we would definitely hire him back when needs arise.
YYC Tutoring – Reviewed by Fay
Science 10 - Chemistry
  • Basic concept of Chemistry, 
  • Different type of chemical reaction, 
  • How to balance chemical reaction. 
  • Introduce stoichiometry.
  • Test and exam preparation.
Chemistry 20
  • The Diversity of matter and chemical bonding
  • Gases
  • Solutions, Acid and Bases
  • Quantitative Relationship in Chemical Changes
Chemistry 30
  • Thermochemical Changes
  • Electrochemical Changes
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Chemical Equilibrium on Acid- Base Systems
Besides a chemistry tutor, if you are looking for a high school math tutor in Calgary then YYC Tutoring can help.

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