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ACE Your Next Math Quiz With YYC Tutoring - Your 1-on-1 Math Tutor

As a math tutor/instructor, I see every day where my students are missing the key math skills which they have ignored to learn and understand from earlier years. This early missing math foundation becomes more noticeable as the math concepts become more complex in high school. As results, students usually end up hating math and become discouraged to do math.

Get Better Math Grades With YYC Tutoring - Your High School Math Tutor!

The primary goal of YYC Tutoring (your preferred high school math tutor) is to prepare high school students for higher post secondary education and to get easy admission to university. Your child’s grades in high school math are crucial in determining their choices and potential as they move into university of their choice. For every program/degree at university, you need to have math. Our qualified and dedicated Calgary area expert math tutors will work 1-on-1 with students, to teach the skills and tools the students need to succeed in mathematics.

Become a Math Whiz with YYC Math Tutoring Services!

Our experience shows that when students learn in a fun, creative environment, they are able to learn and retain complex concepts much more easily. Our math tutors create an environment that builds confidence and motivation so that your high school student will not only overcome the fear of learning math but will actually learn to love math and become a math whiz in no time.

Calgary Math Tutor Total Learning Process:

  • Filling in missing mathematics fundamental concepts, and explaining them so they make sense
  • Improving the student’s confidence in their ability to problem solve and find answers
  • Helping students understand their learning habits and styles
  • Teaching effective math study habits so that they become mathematically literate
  • We follow the Alberta education curriculum and guidelines for math achievement
“provided an understanding beyond textbook explanations”

Mo was an effective and efficient tutor during my Math and English 30 level courses. He provided an understanding beyond textbook explanations that made my self-direct courses much easier. A great advantage I had with Mo was his flexible schedule in working with me when I needed him which reduced my stress and prepared me for my exams. I will recommend Mo to any of my friends who need a tutor to better their achievements
YYC Tutoring Calgary – Tutor Reviewed by Bee Sh

“…knowledgeable, punctual, flexible and positive influence on kids”

Mohammad has taught my two daughters Math and Chemistry in Elementary, Jr High and High School. Mohammad is a knowledgeable, punctual, flexible and positive influence on kids. My girls and I have enjoyed working with him and we would definitely hire him back when needs arise.
YYC Tutoring – Reviewed by Fay
Calgary Math Tutor Will Help You With ALL Your Math Problems!

Grade 3-9 Math Tutoring Services:

Problems encountered during these early years are often easily addressed, and we work with students in grade 3 to 9 by finding activities that will interest them and building a comfortable, positive learning environment. Tutoring at this stage could set your child up for success right through high school and University. We review all the necessary concept from basic math to Algebra and trigonometry.

Grade 10-12 Math Tutoring Services:

Your child’s success depends on finding the right learning style and giving them the confidence to push their own abilities. We will do everything to help our students to find the right learning style. Alberta Curriculum for high school math has been changed in the past few years. These changes will help students to choose what route they need to take for entering university or technical/apprenticeship school.

Alberta Curriculum For High School Math Instruction

Grade 10 math:
  • 10-C Foundations of Math & Pre-Calculus 
  • 10-3 Apprenticeship & Workplace Math.
Grade 11 math:
  • 20-1 Pre-Calculus 11,
  • 20-2 Foundations of Math  
  • 20-3 Apprenticeship & Workplace Math.
Grade 12 math:
  • 30-1 Pre-Calculus 12, and Calculus (math 31)
  • 30-2 Foundations of Math
  • 30-3 Apprenticeship & Workplace Math.
Summer math camp Schedule:
  • We will soon post all review class schedule for math during the summer for grade 10 to 12 students. Please contact us for more information.
  • Preparing students for the next grade or enhance their foundational skills in courses already taken but did poorly. For example, if students have not performed well in math grade 10, they may have a significant challenge in grade 11 math. These camps are guaranteed to boost their math skills, thus increasing their confidence to succeed when returning to classes in the fall semester.
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