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Many high school math students try to study math in same way as they study for Biology or Social studies, by memorizing the formulas, equations and the examples which the teacher do in class. Math is a logical process and it is typically visual than other courses. Math is not based on memorization. The beauty of math is that you can do it.

Top 5 Things Students Should Know About Math Study:

  1. Always follow your instructor’s directions, based on my experience as a Calgary math tutor for past 20 years, I have been seen students who lose point in math who don’t follow directions and continue do the same wrong habit.
  2. Having a good note, do not be sloppy! I have seen many students in the classroom copy the material from blackboard wrong. This leads to make mistakes during exam.
  3. Learn all math vocabulary. If you don’t know ask your teacher or search in the internet.
  4. Do math homework regularly for 40 to 60 minutes every day. Practice is the most important tools to learn and study math. You should study math every day not few days before test or on the night before exam.
  5. Do not use calculator. This will help you to be more fluent with all basic math operations. People with some disabilities often struggle with basic math fact. In this case, take your time to follow the math operations carefully. Unfortunately, the new generation is always looking for easy way to do math problems by using calculator, but this is not the right way.

How To Study For Math Test:

Many students don’t like to write the math test, but believe me writing math test is much easier to write a Biology test. Here I am going to give some steps to write “A??? grade math test.

    1. Understand the fundamental and basic of the math. If you don’t understand the concept of math, make sure you ask your teacher to explain it to you or get a tutor to help you.
    2. Do math home work every day and make sure you know how to do the problems. Ask your teacher in class or your tutor to help you and show you how to do that. It might be the exam questions!
    3. Review your notes and make sure you have neat notes.
    4. Don’t miss the lecture. Every lecture is very important, because what you learn buildsthe knowledge for what you should have learned before.
    5. When you are stuck during the test, do as much as you can then move on to the next questions

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